The Method Race Wheels Laughlin Desert Classic was the 3rd stop in the 6 race TrophyLite Race Series and 2 days of racing packed full of action. TL Class would start 3 wide and race for the 1st turn and Day 1 would have quite a few lead changes where Todd Jackson would run his 6001 truck to the front of the pack and stay there for the win on Saturday. Newcomer, Ryan Winner and Craig Spitz would round out the top 3. Sunday those 3 would go off the line side by side by side and in the 1st turn Jackson and Spitz would tangle leaving Spitz on his side. Winner would take the lead and eventually give it back to the 6001. But on the last lap Todd would encounter a couple issues allowing Ryan to take the lead physically and on time giving the 6068 the WIN in the teams 1st race in a TrophyLite.
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The 2017 MINT 400 was a brutal race through the Nevada desert just outside of Vegas. 17 registered trucks looked to try their luck at what some consider one of the toughest courses in the Best in the Desert series. Racing began with Louis Chamberland taking his opponent off the line and would lead the TrophyLite class into the desert. Midway through lap 1 Brandon Arciero would jump into the lead and stay there for almost 2 full laps but Todd Jackson, Jeff Mortis and Tony Sato were not far behind. Just 20 miles before the end of lap 2 the 6017 would bust up their flywheel leaving them stranded waiting for a tow to main pit. The always fast 6001 would take the lead and stay there to win the Mint 400, two years in a row. Jeff Mortis finished 2nd and Tony Sato found the podium as well in 3rd.
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Growing up in Southern California, Todd Jackson started riding and racing motocross bikes at a young age but after a serious crash it was either give up racing on bikes or get into a caged vehicle. Rather than give up on his his love of off-road racing, Todd rented a Trophy-Lite truck and came out with a win at his very first race at The Best in The Desert Parker 425. After that initial success, Todd was hooked. He purchased his own truck and began racing The Best in The Desert series. The TrophyLite class is an ultra competitive spec class where all the vehicles are identical so the focus is on driver skill rather than who has the biggest budget. This allows the average person to get behind the wheel and try their hand at off-road racing.
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May 26, 2017

Winner Team Leaps to a Win!

Laughlin, NV - The small riverside town of Laughlin has played host to hundreds of off-road races over the years and in just its 2nd year as the Method Race Wheels Laughlin Desert Classic the Best in the Desert race has yet to disappoint. It also happens to fall on Mother’s Day weekend which has made it difficult to attend in the past but this year saw ...

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